Joint Commission Big Book of EC, EM, and LS Checklists, The

Joint Commission Big Book of EC, EM, and LS Checklists, The
1st Ed.
2020 © The Joint Commission Resources
Joint Commission Resources
Carolyn Schierhorn
ISBN-13: 978-1-63585-193-9
eISBN-13: 978-1-63585-194-6
Hospital Administration, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


Some of the perennially most challenging Joint Commission standards for all health care organizations are Environment of Care, Emergency Management, and Life Safety. This brand-new collection of checklists from JCR will help you to manage and improve your compliance with the EC, EM, and LS standards across health care settings. Our customers have told us that they rely on checklists to coordinate compliance. Indeed, checklists are proven improvement tools, and the checklists in this collection focus on the actual requirement language as well as best practices. Use them "as is," or download and customize the digital versions to meet your own needs and initiatives. They are succinct, focused, and very practical and help you to easily assess and track your compliance.

The checklists cover a range of topics and are based on Joint Commission standards, NFPA codes, guidelines, consensus documents, and other trustworthy expert sources. Count on these checklists to serve as reminders and refreshers for all facility safety and management staff. Topics include EC risk management, EC management plans, hazardous materials and waste, security, fire safety and protection, medical equipment, and utility systems, building design and construction, and emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Key Topics:

  • • Environment of care
  • • Emergency management
  • • Life safety

Key Features:

  • • Downloadable, customizable checklists, applicable to all health care settings
  • • Easy-to-understand language in the checklists to help remind and refresh staff about EC, EM, and LS compliance

  • • Facility managers, safety engineers, emergency management leaders, health care leaders, and accreditation professionals responsible for EC, EM, and LS
  • • Frontline staff who have compliance responsibilities related to EC, EM, and LS

Standards: Environment of Care (EC), Emergency Management (EM), Life Safety (LS)

Settings: All accreditation

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