Environment of Care® Essentials for Health Care

Environment of Care® Essentials for Health Care
2024 Ed.
2024 © Joint Commission Resources, Inc.
Marieke Z. Swerski
ISBN-13: 978-1-63585-370-4
eISBN-13: 978-1-63585-371-1
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


Are you a facility manager or emergency management coordinator who only needs Joint Commission standards that apply to the physical environment or emergency planning—not the whole manual? Or, do you work in a health care system or as a vendor and need to accurately align compliance efforts across hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient behavioral clinics, or other settings of care?

Make standards compliance and preparing for survey easier with 2024 Environment of Care® Essentials for Health Care. This indispensable spiral-bound or PDF volume bundles the environment of care (EC), emergency management (EM), and life safety (LS) standards and elements of performance (EPs) for all settings in one convenient reference so the information you need is always right at your fingertips. Equipment management (EQ) standards, which appear only in the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Home Care, are also included.

A recently redesigned matrix will help you streamline compliance efforts in your facility and your health care system, allowing you to quickly cross-reference EC, EM, and LS requirements across settings. You can see similarities and differences at a glance. A simple matrix included at each requirement clearly identifies (with an “x”) whether the requirement applies in each of the now nine Joint Commission accreditation programs. Bracketed wording indicates how and where wording varies slightly across programs. Conversely, if standards, EPs, or notes vary greatly, abbreviations appear in brackets after that text noting it applies only to the programs listed—for example, ambulatory care (AHC), critical access hospitals (CAH), and hospitals (HAP).

Simplify your compliance efforts by picking up your copy of EC Essentials today.

Key Topics

  • • Essential information for complying with EC requirements with regard to safety, security, hazardous materials and waste, medical equipment and utility systems, and fire safety
  • • New and revised EM requirements for hospitals and critical access hospitals
  • • Unabridged LS management requirements aligned with the 2012 Life Safety Code®*

Key Features

  • • All EC, EM, and LS standards and EPs effective January 1, 2024
  • • Streamlined grid that compares standards across the continuum of care to promote continuous accreditation readiness for all organizations
  • • Glossary terms with clear, straightforward definitions


This title is a must-have for facility managers, emergency managers, and life safety experts—especially for those in charge of multiple facilities.

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