Clinical Checklist®

Clinical Checklist®
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Patient Safety and Quality Improvement , Diagnosis, Nursing, Primary Care


Do you have an easy-to-use tool to manage "must-do" and "never-do" care recommendations?

With Clinical Checklist® you can ensure patient care quality is addressed and safety imperatives are applied around essential "must-do" and "never-do" care recommendations. Based upon the breadth and depth of evidence-based content, Clinical Checklist is available in a simple web-based application or tightly integrated into workflow through healthcare information systems.

Clinical Checklist helps reduce errors of omission and leads to improved patient outcomes, increased productivity and profitability through better performance on quality measurement and reporting initiatives, such as the Joint Commission and CMS.

With Clinical Checklist, you can:

  • • Measurably improve the quality of care to comply with regulatory standards
  • • Improve performance on reporting initiatives such as the Joint Commission and CMS

Why choose Clinical Checklist?

  • • Recommendations are customizable for facility-specific protocols
  • • Patient care outcomes are improved through utilization of evidence based medicine
  • • Content frequently updated with easy-to-read tables

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Clinical Checklist® can support the needs of clinicians as well as quality managers;
• Nurses - Find crucial clinical recommendations and ensure compliance with best practices and quality measures.
• Physicians - Supports quick diagnosis and treatment decisions with the latest medical information. A list of key patient interventions also increases compliance with quality measures.
• Quality Managers - Quickly identify essential performance measures with the strongest evidence-based medical recommendations.

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