Clinical Checklist®, Lab Advisor™ & DrugPoints® System

Clinical Checklist®, Lab Advisor™ & DrugPoints® System
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Clinical Checklist®

Improve patient outcomes • Become more efficient • Ensure consistent care
These goals are more attainable when you have an easy-to-use tool to manage "must-do" and "never-do" care recommendations. Clinical Checklist® helps clinicians address quality and safety initiatives at the point of care. This decision support tool keeps clinicians current with the most pertinent patient care interventions for commonly encountered conditions. Plus, all topics are evidenced-based, fully referenced, and written by practicing clinicians.

Lab Advisor

When a patient is admitted, you need to know what's wrong. Determining a definite diagnosis early in the process demands appropriate laboratory testing information. Lab Advisor provides the relevant knowledge you need to order the appropriate tests, interpret the results, and quickly answer critical laboratory test questions.

DrugPoints® System

Rather than giving you too little or too much information, DrugPoints® System gives you direct access to the exact level of drug information you need to do your job. This evidence-based resource helps healthcare professionals prescribe, administer and monitor drugs safely and efficiently. Contains more than 1,400 concise, unbiased, synopses on FDA-approved drugs (includes prescription and nonprescription).

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