Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists, The

Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists, The
3rd Ed.
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Margaret McConnell
ISBN-13: 978-1-63585-321-6
eISBN-13: 978-1-63585-322-3
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


Checklists are proven tools for getting things done—and more importantly, getting things done the right way every time. By providing a standardized approach, checklists simplify complex tasks and processes. When used consistently and correctly, a well-developed checklist can help ensure safe patient care.

This updated third edition of the best-selling Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists includes new and revised checklists, tools, and templates for healthcare organizations to use and customize. There are checklists for a myriad of tasks, including accreditation preparation, continuous compliance, and performance improvement.

New topics in this third edition include healthcare worker safety, workplace violence prevention and mitigation, cybersecurity, telehealth, healthcare equity, and much more.

These tried-and-true checklists help organizations evaluate tasks and processes, provide guidance for decision-making, and itemize procedure steps and required “to-dos.” The book also includes checklist templates and encourages health care organizations to build their own checklists to tackle organization-specific challenges.

Key Topics

  • • Continuous standards compliance and survey readiness
  • • Performance improvement and measurement
  • • Safety culture
  • • Health care worker safety
  • • Emergency management
  • • Workplace violence
  • • Staff competence assessment
  • • Telehealth
  • • Sentinel events
  • • Root cause analysis
  • • Infection prevention and control
  • • Medication management
  • • Physical environment
  • • Health care equity
  • • Cybersecurity

Key Features

  • • Downloadable and customizable checklists on a wide range of topics
  • • Explanation of how checklists can be successfully used in health care
  • • Caveats about overreliance on checklists or ineffective implementation
  • • Checklists that apply to all Joint Commission–accredited programs
  • • Trusted content reviewed by subject matter experts from The Joint Commission

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is a very exciting resource. It will be a useful asset for any healthcare organization willing to invest the time in using it. It compares quite favorably to other checklist resources, and it is well organized, easy to follow, easy to read, and easy to use."

-- Joann Badget, RN MSN (James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital) Doody's Review - previous edition


The audience encompasses various professionals in the healthcare environment from the quality team to clinical practitioners. These checklists and templates are written with experience to guide improvements in meeting The Joint Commission Standards and National Patient Safety Goals for all eight accreditation programs and settings: Ambulatory Health Care (AHC), Behavioral Health Care (BHC), Critical Access Hospital (CAH), Hospital (HAP), Laboratory (LAB), Nursing Care Centers (NCC), Office-Based Surgery Practices (OBS), and Home Care (OME).

Table of Contents

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