Complementary Therapies in Nursing: Promoting Integrative Care

Complementary Therapies in Nursing: Promoting Integrative Care
9th Ed.
2023 © Springer Publishing Company, LLC
Mariah Snyder, PhD; Mary Fran Tracy, PhD, RN, APRN, CCNS, FCNS, FAAN; Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-9495-4
eISBN-13: 978-0-8261-9499-2
Nursing, Complementary & Alternative Medicine


The ninth edition of this acclaimed resource is completely updated to deliver the newest evidence-based research and practice guidelines for commonly used complementary therapies in nursing. The book delivers new and expanded international content including information highlighting indigenous culture-based therapies and systems of care. It features many recent advances in technology including digital resources facilitating effective delivery, monitoring, and measurement of therapy outcomes.

This resource presents evidence for using complementary therapies with populations experiencing health disparities and describes a new approach to the use of complementary therapies for nurses' and patients' self-care. State-of-the-art information also includes expanded safety and precaution content, updated legal concerns in regulation and credentialing, a discussion of challenges and strategies for implementing therapies and programs, and a completely new chapter on Heat and Cold Therapies.

The ninth edition continues to provide in-depth information about each complementary therapy, as well as the scientific basis and current evidence for its use in specific patient populations. Consistent chapter formats promote ease of access to information, and each therapy includes instructional techniques and safety precautions.

New to the Ninth Edition:

  • • Expanded information related to technology and digital resources to foster effective delivery, monitoring, and measuring therapy outcomes
  • • New and expanded international content highlighting indigenous culture-based therapies and systems of care
  • • New information on integrating therapies in practice with abundant case examples
  • • Examples of institution-wide or organization-wide complementary therapy programs
  • • New chapter on Heat and Cold Therapies
  • • All new content on the use of therapies for Self-Care

Key Features:

  • • 80 prominent experts sharing perspectives on complementary therapies from over 30 countries
  • • Chapters include a practice protocol delineating the basic steps of an intervention along with measuring outcomes
  • • Consistently formatted for ease of use
  • • Presents international sidebars in each chapter providing rich global perspectives

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This book serves as a great reference for nurses. It successfully introduces a variety of alternative therapies to a profession that has a strong medical influence. The updated and current information makes this ninth edition worthwhile."

-- Amy Schreiner, DC, DICCP (Northwestern Health Sciences University) - Doody's Review

"This is an excellent resource for nurses in training, currently in practice, or those called to education or research. This update includes three new chapters and up-to-date details on the ever-changing landscape of credentialing and regulations, as well as an expanded focus on finding credible referral targets useful for patients and self-care for nurses themselves. This edition also has a focus on how to bring these approaches to a new health system as well as incorporating them into the now ubiquitous electronic health record. Overall, this edition makes a solid case for the how's and why's of integrating a holistic approach to nursing care in the 21st century."

-- Jeremy Miller, MS, NCTMB, LMT (WV) (Northwestern Health Sciences University) - Doody's Review - previous edition

"Consistently offers easily accessible and timely information on how complementary therapies influence the health, comfort, and well-being of patients in a variety of clinical settings. It is an influential resource for nurses in practice, education, and research."

-- Janice Post-White, PhD, RN, FAAN - Doody's Review - previous edition

"Complementary and alternative therapies are increasingly popular and this book provides an informative and up-to-date introduction to the more commonly used treatments."

-- IAHPC Newsletter (International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care)


This title is intended primarily for a nursing audience and will be a valuable resource for student nurses and advanced practice clinicians. The book also holds immeasurable value for practitioners of these approaches to care as well. It includes a mix of information relevant to study, credentialing, practice, and research. The authors and contributors are all leaders in nursing and healthcare practice and education.

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