Translation of Evidence into Nursing and Health Care

Translation of Evidence into Nursing and Health Care
3rd Ed.
2021 © Springer Publishing Company, LLC
Kathleen M. White PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN; Sharon Dudley-Brown PhD, RN, FNP-BC, FAAN, FAANP; Mary F. Terhaar PhD, RN, FAAN
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-4736-3
eISBN-13: 978-0-8261-4737-0
Nursing, Advanced Practice Nursing, Evidence Based Medicine


Designed as both a text for the DNP curriculum and a practical resource for seasoned health professionals, this acclaimed book demonstrates the importance of an interprofessional approach to translating evidence into nursing and health care practice in both clinical and nonclinical environments. The third edition reflects the continuing evolution of translation frameworks by expanding the Methods and Process section and providing updated exemplars illustrating actual translation work in population health, specialty practice, and the health care delivery system. It incorporates important new information about legal and ethical issues, the institutional review process for quality improvement and research, and teamwork and building teams for translation. Additionally, an unfolding case study on translation is threaded throughout the text.

Reorganized for greater ease of use, the third edition continues to deliver applicable theory and practical strategies to lead translation efforts and meet DNP core competency requirements. It features a variety of relevant change management theories and presents strategies for improving health care outcomes and quality and safety. It also addresses the use of evidence to improve nursing education, discusses how to reduce the divide between researchers and policy makers, and describes the interprofessional collaborative imperative for our complex health care environment. Consistently woven throughout are themes of integration and application of knowledge into practice, leadership and evaluating change, leadership strategies for translation, and interprofessional applications across settings.

New to the Third Edition:

  • • Expands the Methods and Process section
  • • Provides updated exemplars illustrating translation work in population health, specialty practice, and the health care delivery system
  • • Reorganized into a more user-friendly format
  • • Includes an entire new section, “Enablers of Translation”
  • • Delivers expanded information on Legal and Ethical Issues
  • • Present new chapters, “Teamwork and Building Teams for Translation” and “The Institutional Review Process for Quality Improvement and Research”
  • • Weaves an unfolding case study on translation throughout the text

Key Features:

  • • Authored by esteemed experts and educators in practical translation of evidence
  • • Delivers applicable theories and strategies that meet DNP core requirements
  • • Presents a variety of relevant change management theories
  • • Offers strategies for improving outcomes and quality and safety
  • • Addresses the use of evidence to improve nursing education
  • • Discusses how to reduce the divide between researchers and policy makers
  • • Underscores the importance of translating evidence into practice to improve health care and its delivery
  • • Supplies extensive lists of references, web links, and other resources to enhance learning

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This book provides useful tools for practice and scholarship and can act as a guide and resource toward translation of research. It presents an excellent framework for innovation and discovery while supporting effective practice and patient outcomes. The book certainly guides translation in the way it "seeks to bring evidence to bear on challenges in the real world of practice using reliable and valid evidence to improve care and robust analytics to evaluate the impact." The third edition enhances the previous work with a book that is well crafted, pertinent to current educational and practice needs, and relevant for the DNP role."

-- Lynne Kuhl, MSN, RN (Viterbo University) Doody's Review

"This is a great resource that DNP students and practicing DNPs can use to help them translate evidence into their practice."

-- Michalene King, PhD, RN, CNE (Robert Morris University) Doody's Review - previous edition


The authors clearly indicate the book is for DNPs, serving as a "playbook" that scaffolds DNP education and scholarship. It provides clear, thoughtful direction and includes exemplars of projects that demonstrate the process of translation and sustainability of change to transform culture and practice. The authors and contributors are educators and scholars in both academic and practice settings.

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