Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests
3rd Ed.
2014 © Cengage Learning
Rick Daniels RN, COL (ret.), PhD
ISBN-13: 978-1-285-05313-4
Nursing, Allied Health, Diagnosis, Laboratory & Diagnosis, Point of Care, Public Health


Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests: Organized Alphabetically, Third Edition, provides essential information on more than 600 lab and diagnostic tests within a single, convenient volume. This all-in-one resource presents detailed, accurate information in an accessible, easy-to-use format. Trusted by professionals in the fields of medicine, nursing, medical technology, and more, this clear, concise guide enables users to quickly access critical information on tests and procedures while maintaining a strong focus on patient care. Now updated to reflect the latest research, trends, and best practices, the new third edition is an ideal resource for students and professionals alike.

New to this Edition:

  • • Throughout the text, entries have been updated with current information based on relevant research findings and recommended best practices.
  • • Reflecting recent and ongoing changes in clinical practice, The Third Edition includes information on numerous new tests and procedures that have become increasingly common or important, while tests that have grown less pertinent to modern medicine have been removed.
  • • New case studies in the current edition present accurate, up-to-date scenarios for nursing practice, providing valuable real-world perspective on the practical applications of key laboratory and diagnostic tests.

Features and Benefits:

  • • Completely indexed and fully cross-referenced, the text includes three indexes offering alternate ways to access information quickly based on individual needs and preferences, whether a user wants to look up information by test type, pertinent body systems, or a simple alphabetical list of test names and their synonyms.
  • • Dedicated chapters provide essential information on key principles and practices related to laboratory and diagnostic testing as a whole, while introductory information for each type of test provides additional, specific context.
  • • Listings for each test include information and recommendations on appropriate nursing care before, during, and after the test, reinforcing a strong emphasis on effective patient care to complement procedure-specific details.
  • • Test listings include web addresses so users can easily access additional, up-to-the-moment information about the alteration assessed by the test.
  • • Developed by contributors from the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and Canada, the text reflects a useful "global" perspective for modern professionals practicing in our increasingly interconnected world.

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"The book provides thoroughly updated, state-of-the-art information for laboratory and diagnostic testing. It is unique in introducing an international perspective in a user-friendly format."

-- Barbara Miller, MS, RN (University of Oklahoma College of Nursing) - Doody's Review previous edition


The intended audience is students and practitioners of nursing, medicine, and medical technology. This would be a good reference in the clinical setting for practitioners or students.

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