Labor and Delivery Nursing: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice

Labor and Delivery Nursing: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice
2nd Ed.
2021 © Springer Publishing Company, Inc.
Michelle Murray PhD RNC; Gayle Huelsmann BSN RNC
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-8475-7
eISBN-13: 978-0-8261-8476-4
Nursing, Evidence Based Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology


New to the Second Edition:

  • • Proper analysis of the partograph to facilitate appropriate patient interventions
  • • Updated information about clinical pelvimetry
  • • New information on psyche, including the religious, spiritual, and cultural dimensions of care
  • • Setting priorities in triage and care related to postpartum hemorrhage
  • • Identification of “myths” related to childbirth
  • • Individualized patient care related to fetal distress and non-reassuring fetal status
  • • Oxytocin infusion and its relationship to permanent Erb’s palsy and autism
  • • Updated information on technology, including connectivity between smart IV pumps and the EMR
  • • How to distinguish functional from mechanical dystocia and intervene to enhance fetal and maternal safety

Key Features:

  • • Applies to nursing care of childbearing clients world-wide
  • • Focuses on evidence-based practices
  • • Written in engaging, easy-to-understand style for new nurses, seasoned practitioners, and nurses seeking certification
  • • Enhances effective decision-making to optimize patient care and outcomes
  • • Replete with informative references, relevant graphics, and review questions
  • • Incorporates research to clearly explain concepts and best practices
  • • Provides orientation fundamentals, checklists, and log charts

Doody's Reviews

Score: 57/100
2/5 Stars
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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is the second edition of a book that was first published in 2008. A new edition was needed as the evidence base for maternity care has grown since that time."

-- Tia Andrighetti, DNP, CNM (Frontier Nursing University) Doody's Review

"Where was this book when I was a new nurse just learning the ropes of labor and delivery? This is a true gem of a book-a must for any new grad going into labor and delivery. I recommend this book for every labor and delivery floor."

-- Cindy Curtis, RNC, IBCLC, CCE - previous edition

"The best one-stop reference book for the experienced and novice Labor and Delivery RN...Finally an excellent Labor and Delivery book by RN's -- for RN's."

-- Garla DeWall, RNC - Presbyterian Hospital in the Family Birthing Center - previous edition


Ideal for new nurses, seasoned practitioners, and nurses seeking certification. Recommended for every labor and delivery floor.

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