Lubkin's Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention

Lubkin's Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention
11th Ed.
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Pamala D. Larsen, RN, RN-BC
ISBN-13: 978-1-284-23064-2
eISBN-13: 978-1-284-23067-3
Nursing, Critical Care, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Geriatric Medicine


Chronic illness continues to be the leading cause of death and disability in adults in the United States. It impacts annual healthcare costs and significantly contributes to caregiver fatigue. Lubkin’s Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention, Eleventh Edition provides a solid foundation for nursing students by teaching them the skills and knowledge they need to care for both patients and families impacted by chronic illness. The text takes a holistic and patient-centric approach in addressing the acute needs of patients and their families as they navigate the challenges of chronic illness. The hallmark feature of this text remains its keen focus on the psychosocial issues experienced by both the individual and families involved, an area of care that is often overlooked.

The Eleventh Edition has been substantially revised and will focus on population health including new and updated content on various populations. To enhance the learning experience, the author features real-life journal entries from both patients and caregivers providing a meaningful way for students to truly understand chronic illness from each unique perspective.

Features and Benefits

  • • Coverage of the difference between chronic disease and chronic illness
  • • Discussion of social isolation as a chronic illness
  • • Mindfulness presence in caregiving
  • • The perception of illness from the patient and partner perspective
  • • Patient education on the benefits of telehealth
  • • Managing chronic disease through social media community building
  • • An overview of the three types of spiritual assessment
  • • How to transition from home care to residential care
  • • New content on Medicare and Medicaid waiver programs

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"To my knowledge, this is the only book that covers the important psychosocial issues that individuals and families face. This area is covered in a minor way in medical-surgical books but to this extent. As the author points out, this book covers aspects of chronic illness that impact the patient's and families' live as much if not more than the specific disease and its management."

-- Linda Connelly, PhD, MSH, ARNP, CNOR (University of North Florida Brooks College of Health) Doody's Review

"The distinctive approach to chronic illness not only addresses the physical aspects, but also the psychosocial issues that affect individuals, their families, and caregivers, making this an essential resource for students and healthcare providers."

-- Patricia Kincade, BSN (MU Sinclair School of Nursing) Doody's Review - previous edition

"This is an outstanding guide that will give readers a good understanding and practical advice when experiencing a chronic illness or caring for someone with a chronic illness. It is one of the most comprehensive books on this subject, and this latest edition provides a new, personal perspective of an expert who is now living with the impact of chronic illness."

-- Margaret Holder, PhD (University of North Florida Brooks College of Health) Doody's Review - previous edition

"This unique book is a wonderful addition to the field of nursing. It complements the disease-focused books by providing the illness experience. Nurses will find this a beneficial resource to add to their library. The current edition is essential, ensuring as it does that the information is up to date."

-- Kathleen Woodruff, RN, MS, CRNP (Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing) Doody's Review - previous edition


This book is written for anyone experiencing chronic illness, whether a healthcare practitioner, patient, or family member. It is an excellent guide and somewhat of a roadmap for those who face a long and possibly debilitating illness or disease.

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