Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Home Care

Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Home Care
2022nd Ed.
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ISBN-10: 1-63585-234-X
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Nursing, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


Continuous compliance starts with staff who know what The Joint Commission requires. The 2022 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Home Care (CAMHC) provides the key information your organization needs to power performance improvement and maintain continuous standards compliance. It features the official Joint Commission standards, National Patient Safety Goals, and other accreditation requirements, including standards and elements of performance for the optional Community-Based Palliative Care certification.

Understanding Which Standards Apply. The Joint Commission Home Care Accreditation Program serves organizations providing care in the patient's place of residence or those offering community-based services. The types of settings most commonly served include home health, hospice, pharmacies, durable medical equipment providers (including DMEPOS), and personal care and support. (See the section on Settings below for a longer list of services.)

Standards for all these settings and services appear in the 2022 CAMHC. The goal of this manual's "Standards Applicability Grid" chapter is to help each organization determine which specific standards and EPs in the manual apply to its setting(s) and service(s).

Key Topics:

  • • Standards and elements of performance for optional community-based palliative care certification.
  • • Keys to successfully using the manual for survey preparedness.

Key Features:

  • • Integrated regulatory requirements for home health and hospice deemed status.
  • • Survey readiness tools including compliance prompts, documentation checklists, and action planning worksheets in every standards chapter.
  • • Icons to help navigate documentation requirements as well as risk areas.
  • • "What's New" summary of changes made since the last edition.

Standards: All home care standards

Setting: Organizations accredited under the Home Care Accreditation Program, including those that provide home health services, personal care, and support services, pharmacy services including infusion services and/or mail order and specialty pharmacies, long term care pharmacies and freestanding infusion centers, durable medical equipment services, and hospice services

Key Audience: Staff responsible for accreditation, compliance, patient safety, or quality improvement

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"The manual is well written, well organized, and a definitive resource for home healthcare providers. It provides a nice framework for acquiring and sustaining accreditation from the Joint Commission as well as tips and tools focused on monitoring and maintaining compliance while rendering safe patient-centered care. Frequent updates to the manual are justifiable due the continuous changes and medical advances in healthcare."

-- Gwendolyn Oglesby-Odom, Ed.D., MSN, BSN, RN-BC, NEA-BC (The Regional Medical Center) Doody's Review - previous edition


The audience includes those at home healthcare organizations seeking accreditation and organizations looking to maintain their accreditation. The Joint Commission is an industry expert dedicated to improving and sustaining the quality of care provided to patients. The Joint Commission standards are used as benchmarks in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, ambulatory care, behavioral health, home health, and skilled nursing facilities. The Joint Commission is known for its comprehensive evaluation process and is one of the most recognized forms of accreditation.

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