Illustrated Guide to Infection Control, An

Illustrated Guide to Infection Control, An
2011 © Springer Publishing Company, LLC
Kathleen Motacki MSN, RN, BC; Neeta Bahal O'Mara PharmD, BCPS; Toros Kapoian MD, FAACP
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-0560-8
Nursing, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement , Point of Care


This all-encompassing volume assists nursing students and beginning-level RNs in developing a practical understanding of infection control issues as they relate to many different areas of health care.

An Illustrated Guide to Infection Control covers every infection control topic, from basic hand washing, immunizations, infection control in critical care, infection control in labor and delivery, and medical waste disposal, to methods of surveillance, and everything in between-all in one volume. Written by experts in the respective fields, each chapter offers important insights on protecting patients, families, visitors, volunteers, and health care providers from infection. Illustrations are provided to help demonstrate the topics presented, and chapters contain questions and answers with rationales for students to reflect upon.

Key features:

  • • Eliminates the need for multiple infection control resources by covering all essential topics in one volume
  • • Encompasses all of the important infection control topics, from basic issues such as hand washing, to specialty area-specific measures such as prevention measures for critical care nursing
  • • Covers multiple clinical areas of expertise, including acute care, dialysis, TB control, physician's offices, and more
  • • Includes pre-test and post-test questions for each chapter, with answers provided at the end of the book

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This guide is useful for nursing students as well as those in practice. Although written for students and new practitioners, it can serve as a reference for practicing nurses."

-- Josie Bowman, RN, MSN, DSN (East Carolina University ) Doody's Review


Student and new practicing nurses are the intended audience. The shared perception of the authors is that nursing textbooks cover infection control, but this book "incorporates all levels of nursing in one book and includes basic infection control principles along with specialty area-specific infection control measures."

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